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October 23, 2009

Series Finale (Episode 314)

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The last episode of Club Peng ever…

The following comic contains mild language.

Season 2 Premiere (Episode 314)

Alright, this is one day from the original comic so I’m offering a prize to the person who can answer the most correct answer of the following questions. The prize is: a hand-signed copy of Club Peng e-mailed to you (sorry, can’t send you the actual copy) and a Club Peng poster. Please allow 1-7 days for delivery.

1. What is Fluffy’s b-day?

2. Who were the original characters?

3. True or false: Fluffy has less power than TFA

4. Before TFA, who does Fluffy team up with?

5. True or false: Fake-Happy77 was mentioned by name

6. What part of the “Fake-mod’s hell”, as Fluffy calls it, is Fluffy freaked out about?

7. Who does Fluffy meet in a coma?

8. What’s Fluffy’s favorite food?

9. What’s Fluffy’s favorite color?

10. Who fights for the Wii in the console wars?

11. What has Fluffy been seen watching on TV in past episodes?

12. What color does Fluffy’s teleport look like?

13. What song does TFA hate?

14. What happens in result of Fluffy’s constant marketing?

15. What belt is Fluffy?

Alright, contest ends October 31, 11:59 Eastern. So have your comments in by then and if there’s a tie I’ll hold a knockout round.

Now, since this is the last episode I want to say a few things, first off, please visit my new comic @ Secondly, thanks you to all my fans. You all kick ass!







If I missed you name, please tell me. Thanks so much for the great memories and I hope to see you all on Burnt Fire.


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